Ops On Demand offers Highly Automated, Fault Tolerant and Cost Effective Private Cloud Infrastructure to Enterprises.


Be in the driver’s seat for managing your Cloud Infrastructure with highly sophisticated on demand self service features.


Get started with Secure Cloud Infrastructure in hours.


Dynamically scale Compute resources based on load and demand.


Every aspect of Ops On Demand Cloud Infrastructure conforms to industry standard security best practices and requirements.

Cost Efficiency

Lower cloud hosting costs with Ops On Demand’s pay as you go and for what you use model. Ops On Demand combines robust infrastructure automation, resource pooling and multi-tenancy to provide an impeccable infrastructure cost efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Know your Cloud infrastructure’s real-time and historic utilization and health reports from Ops On Demand Cloud Management Platform.

Leadership Team

  • Srini Bala

    Founder and CEO

    Srini Bala

    Srini is a seasoned technology management executive with 25 years of experience in information technology / infrastructure operations and enterprise software product development.
    Srini’s background includes entrepreneurial experience and hands on technical skills ranging from infrastructure architecture to managing complex technology operations with heavy focus on running hybrid clouds.
    Srini has a strong data processing background, spanning across traditional relational databases to big data, with emphasis on in-depth understanding of full product development life cycle.
    Srini believes strongly in the future of hybrid cloud computing with a collaborative devops approach, aided by strong reliance an agile product development methodology.

  • Marty Lucich

    Chief Architect

    Marty Lucich

    Marty brings over 30 years of experience in computing industry with most of it in infrastructure architecture and operations. Marty is one of the few technocrats in the valley to whom no problem is complex enough to give up.
    Marty’s experience spans from early Sun Solaris systems to the modern day linux flavors. He brings a unique approach to design and problem solving, which relies heavily on understanding the fundamentals of a problem and solution.
    Whether it is server/system administration, complex storage administration, network design or administration, Marty’s experience never misses to  impress the fellow professionals. His calm nature under the storm, especially under high stress production outage troubleshooting scenarios, is one of the most sought after skill sets.
    His passion for devops, with an ardent fervor for solving complex problems, helps us keep raising the bar to provide the best possible values to customers.

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