Perfectly balanced IT Support Services


We are a specialist provider of IT support services.

At OpsOnDemand we can help your business move forward, find better ways of working and streamline your IT infrastructure. With our tailored, low-cost IT support services, your small or medium-sized enterprise will be able to significantly reduce IT costs compared to traditional service models, while at the same time improve efficiency.


Perfectly balanced

  • Full IT support, tailored to and driven by, your business requirements
  • Network configuration and management.
  • Automated laptop deployment and maintenance.
  • System and software installation and upgrades.
  • 24 x 7 IT systems monitoring and support.
  • Back-up and recovery of business information.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.


Availability, Reliability and Maintainability

  • We will support your IT to ensure:li>
  • Maximum availability and reliability while limiting the need for maintenance (AR&M principles).
  • Minimum disruption during maintenance.
  • Back-ups are taken correctly and stored securely.
  • You have appropriate and executable Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in place.


Suitably Qualified and Experience Personnel (SQEP)

  • The Ops On Demand team are SQEP professionals, working for you as:
  • Business savvy customer engagement leads.
  • DBA/DB engineers / DB architects.
  • Network engineers / Network architects / Security professionals
  • Infrastructure and storage engineers / architects
  • System administrators
  • Storage engineers / architects


Cyber security essentials

  • At Ops On Demand, we will ensure:
  • You have a security health check of your IT system.
  • Your system security can defend against internet-borne threats.
  • Your data is given the correct level of security from non-sensitive to classified.
  • Full control of your data.


A Model for Success

  • Low operational cost—only pay for what you need..
  • Reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Reduced or no IT infrastructure costs..
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement.
  • Consolidation and streamlining of existing services to enhance performance and security.
  • Secure cloud email and document collaboration..
  • Guaranteed support response times..
  • Quick and easy migration of existing systems to cloud.


Why Ops On Demand?

We offer high performance, secure, cost controlled cloud infrastructure and IT support services that are critical for the success of our customers.

So why Ops On Demand? It’s about your business meeting its objectives.

Save up-to $500 of every $1000 you currently spend on IT support by moving to the Ops On Demand IT support service.

Still not convinced, then take our try-before-you-buy free 1 month trial.


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