Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are and what do we offer?

Ops On Demand are a cloud computing technology company, we :

  • – We design, build, operate and support state-of-the-art private and hybrid clouds.
  • – Provide businesses with IT support services.

What are the benefits of an Ops On Demand Hybrid Cloud?

An Ops On Demand Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a Private and Public Cloud designed to combine the benefits of both in one affordable cloud solution.

Public Clouds are main stream but not without their shortfalls. They are expensive and initial ramp up can be painful. You share compute resources with others, there is no easy way to get insights into outages til they are resolved and handheld service support is not easy to find.

Private Clouds by contrast are a third of the cost and give you full control of your compute resources with basic handheld services included. However, the advantage of public clouds is their ability to scale as your requirements do, able to react to sudden and temporary spikes in demand.

An Ops On Demand Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a Private and Public Cloud designed to combine the benefits of both in one affordable cloud solution. We will help you establish a low cost private cloud with scale-out to a public cloud only when business capacity increases and scale back if no longer needed. You will only pay for what you use.

Ops On Demand Private cloud and IaaS

An Ops On Demand Private Cloud gives a business the ability to run their own Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) within their organization on which they deploy and run their own Platform As A Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Ops On Demand will operate and monitor your internal Private Cloud giving you peace of mind and real cost savings, freeing up your internal resources to focus on delivering a better service to their customers.

Ops On Demand are experts in technologies including Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongo, Java, Python, etc. DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Saltstack, Puppet and others.

Where is my data?

Your data is securely stored and backed-up in purpose built Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres in the same country as your business and or that of your customers – it’s your choice.

For example in the US our customers’ have a choice of location and in the UK your data will be stored in the London area.

Sounds expensive, is it?

No, we expect to save you money! We will work with you to ensure we match the correct operational resources to your business demands and ensure your data receives the appropriate level of protection.

With Ops On Demand you won’t pay a premium for unnecessary over engineered services. You only pay for what you use.

We expect state of the art data backup and disaster recovery included as standard

And that’s what we deliver -data backup and disaster recovery are included as standard practice and tested quarterly.

Do you offer SLA’s for all your services?

Yes, all our services are backed by full Service Level Agreements.

Do you Partner with other companies?

Yes, contact us on +1-415-5319848 or email us at for more details.

Can we request new services, features and updates or even new products?

Yes, we are proud of the service we provide to our customers.

It’s vital your business gets the best from cloud computing – at Ops On Demand it’s our business to help you get it.

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