Use our dedicated team to migrate your enterprise to the cloud.

“Cloud computing offers businesses a compelling pay-as-you-go arrangement for a wide range of accessible IT and data processing services. It is fast, cheap and flexible, and a more agile and elastic environment than a traditional non-cloud computing IT model”

Planning and execution

It takes unequal measures of planning, design and implementation work to achieve a fast, smooth transition from a traditional IT model to a full cloud computing model.

Some transitions are relatively straight forward; others complex, resource hungry and potentially costly. The latter can reduce business confidence and the willingness to take the first step to a cloud environment. But deferred or delayed decisions deny the business cost reductions and key operational gains.

The Ops on Demand cloud migration team.

This is why Ops on Demand have a dedicated migration team; their focus to provide customers with a planned full or phased migrate-to-the-cloud service.

The team’s strength is their experience coupled with ability to quickly scale; they are practitioners, having successfully completed many simple and complex cloud migration projects.

  • 1. Cloud migration times

  • 2. Resource effort

  • 3. Cost

  • Know which cloud you need to be on!

    We believe the key factors in any successful cloud migration project are;

    • 1. Destination – you have to know where you are going, base it on why you are moving to the cloud in the first place.

    • 2. Baseline – where are you starting from and how will you measure progress towards your destination

    • 3. How – how will you get to your destination

    • 4. Design – your cloud computing model needs to be tailored for your business, you want to achieve all the benefits of a move to cloud computing not a few.

    • 5.RAID – carefully manage and mitigate your risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies.

    • Delivering to Time, Cost and Performance.

      At the end of the day, a cloud migration must meet it’s time, cost and performance (TCP) parameters, this is where the Ops on Demand migration team will help you shine;

      • 1. We will ensure right the cloud computing design for you, maximize the benefits of cloud computing in your business environment – you want all the benefits not a few.

      • 2. We will produce a detailed transition to the cloud plan, including;

        o A Transition Schedule, Tasks and Activities.

        o A Security plan

        o A Quality management plan

      • 3. Identify and implement any instances of new code should modifications to existing applications be needed to make them cloud read.

      • 4. We will provide the right level of automation.

      • 5. We will provide the right resources at the right time.

      • 6. We complete the migration by auditing your new cloud services against the stated destination.

      • It’s all in the Service.

        Ops on Demand provide enterprises with a dedicated move to the cloud service, from the straight forward ‘have you up and running in hours’ migration to the most complex transition projects and everything in-between.

        Our portfolio of other services include managed hybrid cloud and private cloud infrastructure supply and management, IT support services and dedicated tech operatioms.

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