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Simple Secure and Scalable Cloud and OPS

Ops On Demand offers Highly Automated, Fault Tolerant and Cost Effective Private Cloud Infrastructure to Enterprises.

Cloud Technologies

At Ops On Demand (OOD) we believe in unbiased, objective approach to the cloud. While cloud itself is not totally new from the Application Service Provider approach of the early 21st century or Software As A Service approach which is still sprawling, cloud has emerged as a new amalgamation of these existing approaches. And there are clear definitions being established as the technologies mature. Adaption is also changing the game.

At OOD we believe in leveraging Open Source Technologies to the optimum levels, and pursue proprietary solutions where there is a gap.

A major change happening in IT is that traditional technical operations or IT services are clearly paving way for more structured DevOps based collaborative approaches. Combined with agile methodologies, the gap between development and Ops is shrinking, for good reasons.

There is a marked change in the skill sets available in the market. Gone are the traditional sysadmins/network admins/DBAs/Storage Admins running an operational set up. You see devops engineers actively participating in day-to-day IT operations. DevOps has become a way of life for most organizations interested in scaling fast.

Cloud & Ops

Cloud Services have clearly delineated themselves into multiple categories, the key service being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is maturing to a level where there are clear dominant players coming to the forefront. Orchestration frameworks such as Openstack & Cloudstack, along with management tools for multiple clouds (scalr, etc.), have been widely accepted and are being pushed into production. Users are clearly demanding performance improvements, not just faster provisioning. That leads to clouds which need to have the ability to mix bare metal and virtualized compute power. With private clouds being preferred by enterprises due to its cost, performance, security and flexibility, the quick scalability possible in public clouds have attracted customers to consider a hybrid cloud orchestration approach.

Where does OOD fit in?

Ops On Demand offers few different types of IaaS options

  • Private Clouds running in a hosted model in our highly secured data centers, employing all the modern technologies, giving options to hit the road running. This makes the switch to cloud the fastest.

  • However, there is also a huge demand to build private clouds within the premises, in many organizations, thanks to the additional control they get in doing it and also due to the huge cost savings achieved by amortizing the standard HW over longer periods of time. Ops On Demand specializes in helping build and operate such Private Clouds inside customer environments.

  • Another emerging trend: Hybrid approach of using the in-house or hosted private cloud, plus harness the scalability available in public clouds by making the clouds co-exist. The ability to allow them to seamlessly scale out to a public cloud makes the private clouds even more attractive. Have base capacity at very low cost and scale out to public cloud when the capacity increase is needed and scale down when done with it.

What do customers get?

Private Cloud base gives customers the ability to run their own Platform as a Service (PaaS) within the organization and also deploy and run their own Software as a Service (SaaS) on their own Private Cloud.

Letting an expert operate the internal private cloud not only offers peace of mind and cost savings, it also helps focus the internal resources to focus on delivering the better return offering services such as PaaS and SaaS.

Ops On Demand’s unique approach to providing technical resources who are sharp in understanding the fundamental architecture and dataflow of customers’ platform/software, provides another level of service offering to the customers whereby they can leave the complicated tasks related to running the technical operations services for their software/platform with us and focus the resources on the higher level product development activities.

Leaving the operations to players who know to do this in their sleep absolves the burden of worrying about 24×7 support, security, performance, scaling, application stack troubleshooting, etc. into trusted hands. Cost savings are just a by product.

Ops On Demand specializes in a lot of SW technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongo, Java, Python, etc. DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Saltstack, Puppet, etc. get used on a regular basis.

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